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audiovisual equipment

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We sell everything from individual products to advanced solutions, where many elements are integrated. Whether it is Microsoft Teams or complete integrated videoconference rooms, we cover the full spectrum and can therefore provide professional advice.

We specialize in interactive solutions to the modern meeting room. It enables us to help you find the right technology and solution - optimized for your specific needs and finances.

a wide range of products

AV solutions cover the following areas:

  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Interactive boards
  • Meeting room equipment
  • User-friendly room management (button tray in cable tray etc.)
  • Audio Systems
  • LED big screens
  • Interpreter / tour guide equipment
  • Video surveillance
  • Information screens (advertising screens, intranet screens etc.)
  • Microphones

our experience - your confidence

In inu:it we have more than 10 years of experience with AV solutions and a strong collaboration with AV Center Aalborg. We make sure that you as a customer must do the least possible. Of course, to our Greenlandic customers, we handle all aspects of import and freight.

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  danmark T: +45 96 34 55 00