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Ole Rysgaard Salgskonsulent
  danmark T: +45 96 34 55 35 M: +45 20 49 26 42

A website is your company's face to the outside world. Therefore, it is important that it reflects exactly who you and your business are and what you stand for. With a website from inu:it, you not only get a website - you get a dedicated team of marketing specialists, who are all ready to help you and your business.

danish developed CMS

Umbraco is a Danish-developed CMS system, where safety and user-friendliness are the focus. With Umbraco as the engine of your new website, you have one of the best CMS systems on the market. Umbraco is .NET based. Therefore, you have all the advantages of a Microsoft based server. With Umbraco, your website is responsive. This means that it automatically adapts to the media on which it is shown. So whether you see your website on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, you will automatically get the most optimal view.

hosting in Greenland and Denmark

At inu:it we use only Greenlandic or Danish servers. This means that we can always provide you with the most optimal product, depending on where you are. Of course, we also have the opportunity to offer double-hosting. This means that your website is located on two servers: one in Greenland and one in Denmark. This will ensure that your website can be displayed in both Greenland and Denmark independently of the search cable.

we are with you all the way

With a website from inu:it you are never alone. We are with you all the way. In the package, you get your own marketing team that can help and guide you no matter what media you want to promote.

We can help you with:

  • seo
  • webshop
  • social media
  • newspaper advertising
  • printed matter
  • merchandise

We work with a wide range of partners in both Greenland and Denmark. We can therefore always assist you in getting your marketing in the right direction.


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Ole Rysgaard Salgskonsulent
  grønland T: +45 96 34 55 35 M: +45 20 49 26 42

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