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With a web shop from inu:it you are one step closer to the digital marketplace. We cooperate with the Danish company ChainBox, to provide you with one of the best webshop products on the market.

chainbox - a professional partner

With focus on ease of use and high security, Chainbox is a serious partner. Since 2008, Chainbox has worked actively to implement webshops with integrations for a wide range of financial systems. Like inu:it, Chainbox works with the customer at eye level to create the right product.

connect with your financial system

We make sure your web shop works with your financial system. Thus, your webshop is always in sync with your financial system, which significantly reduces the risk of errors and duplication. Among the supported financial systems include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics XAL
  • C5
  • NAV
  • AX
  • e-conomic
  • Uniconta

Therefore, we believe that our webshop solution is among the most flexible, when it comes to integration with financial systems.

unique designs for unique webshops

With a webshop solution from inu:it and Chainbox, you are always guaranteed a unique design. Our dedicated graphic designers work with you to create a design that is just right for you and your business. With us the good design goes hand in hand with the ease of use.

see you on the web

A webshop without SEO (search engine optimization) is comparable to a physical store with no sign and facade. If you want to be found on Google, it is important to bring awareness to your existence. This is best done with SEO. In collaboration with local and national SEO experts, we can give your webshop the best chances of being found.

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  danmark T: +45 96 34 55 00

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